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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

  • Congressional Republicans threaten to take us back to the failed policies that created the economic crisis -- doing the bidding of the special interests: Wall Street banks, credit card companies, Big Oil, and insurance companies - and getting rewarded by their corporate friends.
  • These extreme Republican economic and fiscal policies created the Bush Recession -- the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression , with job losses of nearly 800,000 a month -- and nearly doubled our national debt. 
  • Democrats in Congress will continue to address the major issues confronting our nation and take America in a New Direction - creating good American jobs, the lowest taxes in 60 years for the middle class and small businesses, closing tax loopholes that send jobs overseas, and building a strong new foundation for the American economy.

Los Angeles Times (California) - Construction industry builds up steam, adds 14,000 jobs

The nation's construction industry added 14,000 jobs nationwide in April, according to the Labor Department, marking the first back-to-back monthly gains in that sector since 2006.

Public works have also received a boost from federal stimulus spending. In California, 516 transportation projects worth $2.5 billion have been awarded contracts to begin work. Every $1 billion spent on transportation projects supports 18,000 jobs, said Matt Rocco, a Caltrans spokesman. Nationwide, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act set aside $27.5 billion for highway and bridge projects, said Ken Simonson, chief economist at Associated General Contractors of America. [5/24/10] (Illinois) - Congressman Phil Hare secures money for Carthage [MEMBER MENTIONED: Phil Hare (IL-17)]

Congressman Phil Hare (D, IL - 17) was in Hancock County Saturday, May 22nd and brought quite a bit of money with him.

Hare helped secure $2.43 million of stimulus money to renovate the old Carthage College campus.

'It is wonderful for this community, they have a brand new hospital here and now this. I think this is a way you get things moving again. This money came out of American Reinvestment Act funding and it's a great way to jump start the economy here, because this area of west central Illinois has been hit pretty hard as you know,' said Hare. [5/22/10]

The Desert Sun (California) - Federal funds help schools make ends meet -- for now

Coachella Valley school districts last year received a combined $45.8 million in federal stimulus funds, part of which was used to save or add nearly 240 jobs this school year, including about 180 teaching jobs.

“The bottom line is it helped save jobs and it helped the district from going into a greater downward spiral,” said Ricardo Medina, superintendent of Coachella Valley Unified. That district cut about $8 million from its 2009-10 budget and is working to fill a $16 million hole for 2010-11. “It would have been catastrophic if we did not receive that money.”

Palm Springs Unified Superintendent Lorri McCune called the stimulus money “huge.”

“The cuts would have been much more severe had we not had the money that came from the federal government,” she said. [5/23/10]

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (Wisconsin) - State wins $13.8 million grant to track students

Wisconsin has been awarded $13.8 million to expand a data system to track student progress from preschool through college, the U.S. Department of Education announced Friday.

Wisconsin was one of 20 states to be awarded a grant for its data system, funded out of $250 million in federal stimulus dollars…

'Data helps expose the good, the bad and the ugly about the state of our education,' he [Education Secretary Arne Duncan] said. 'Ultimately, data will tell us whether we meet the president's goal of leading the world in college completion by the end of the decade in 2020.' [5/21/10]

Gainesville Times (Georgia) - Federal money helps make homes energy efficient

Efforts to make homes in Northeast Georgia more energy efficient have gotten a breath of life thanks to funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Georgia received $125 million from the federal government to expand weatherization services and education. The money provides for new employees and makes more people eligible for assistance. [5/21/10]

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