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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

The Dallas Morning News - Barton celebrates Waxahachie clinic, which is expanding with stimulus he opposed [MEMBER MENTIONED: R-Joe Barton (TX-6): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

Rep. Joe Barton, who called last year's economic stimulus bill a 'boondoggle,' attended a groundbreaking this week for an expansion of an Ellis County clinic made possible under the law.

Hope Clinic in Waxahachie received a $250,000 grant from the Department of Health and Human Services for construction. The building will primarily be used to expand dental services.

'There were two pieces of legislation that helped bring this about,' Joseph Gallegos, senior vice president of the National Association of Community Health Centers, said at Wednesday's groundbreaking. 'Part of this was economic stimulus funding, and the other was in the Affordable Care Act.'

Barton voted against both the stimulus bill and this spring's health care overhaul legislation

Hope Clinic's construction grant comes in addition to more than $1.4 million the clinic has received in stimulus funds, which clinic staff said was secured with the help of Barton's office. [8/14]

South Bend Tribune (Indiana) - Local firm gets thrust from stimulus[DISTRICT MENTIONED: Joe Donnelly (IN-2)]

In October the worst recession since the Great Depression forced South Bend-based Manufacturing Technology Inc. to deliver some grim news to employees.

It laid off about 20 of its 115 workers, and a second similarly sized round of cuts loomed on the horizon.

But a month later came some brighter news. The specialty welding firm had been subcontracted by Boeing Corp., aided by about $11 million in federal stimulus money, to build three giant welding machines for NASA's Constellation space program.

The new $18 million project enabled MTI to not only avoid that next round of layoffs, but also hire five new engineers for the Ares project, officials said.

Although final assembly is planned for NASA facilities in New Orleans and Huntsville, Ala., MTI's engineers have designed the machines in South Bend and the company now is buying equipment from local firms.

That has meant a further ripple effect in the local economy, MTI general manager Doug Wait said.

'There isn't a decent tool shop within 50 miles of us that we haven't touched in one way or another,' Wait said. [8/15]

The Galt Herald (California) -Softcom awarded $6.8 million in federal stimulus funds [MEMBER MENTIONED: R-Daniel Lungren (CA-3): Voted NO on Recovery Act]

The [wireless Internet] expansion is being made possible by the receipt of an American Recovery and Reinvestment Act award of $6.8 million through the Broadband Initiatives Program of the USDA Rural Utilities Service to provide broadband coverage in rural parts of Sacramento and San Joaquin counties.

In addition to expanding Internet access for thousands of rural Internet customers, the project also promises to create both short-term and permanent jobs for the Galt area.

Kevin Triplett, founder and president of Softcom Internet Communications, Inc., said Softcom would have to hire approximately 60 employees and contractors throughout the three-year project. In the end, said Triplett, the project will create at least 10 new sustainable, high-tech jobs to operate and maintain the new system.

On board to support the Softcom application in Washington, D.C., Congressman Dan Lungren was pleased to see Galt get the grant.

“I was delighted to hear earlier this month that Softcom Internet communications has received a $6.8 million grant to provide broadband coverage to some of the more rural parts of Sacramento County around Wilton and Herald,” said Lungren. “My office worked to support Softcom's effort to get this grant, and it is very gratifying that this award will result in better service for an underserved area, and could result in as many as 30 new jobs.[8/15]

Casa Grande Dispatch (Arizona) -  Sun Life gets Federal Grant[MEMBER MENTIONED: Ann Kirkpatrick (AZ-1)]

Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick visited the headquarters of a critical community health care system for Pinal County on Thursday and announced new resources that will allow regional sites to expand their services to small towns.

The number of community health centers and health care jobs in rural areas is greatly expanding due to assistance from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and support from this program has allowed the Casa Grande Sun Life facility to retain seven key staffers and hire six new medical professionals.

“Small, community medical centers that provide timely, individualized attention to rural residents are vitally important to greater Arizona,” Kirkpatrick said. “Not only do they help to ensure the health care needs of folks from every part of our district are met, but they create well-paying jobs in developing fields. I am proud of my work with Sun Life and of our ongoing efforts to expand the opportunities and services available to communities in Pinal County.” [8/13]

Crossville Chronicle (Tennessee) - Cove water line project moving fast[MEMBER MENTIONED: Lincoln Davis (TN-4)]

The project to supply water to the 450 homes and 1,696 lots to Cumberland Cove is about half way complete.

Crossville Mayor J.H. Graham thanked U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis and Rural Development and the Cumberland Cover property owners for forming the partnership to install 62 miles of water lines.

Monday, U.S. Rep. Lincoln Davis and USDA Rural Development State Director Bobby Goode announced the city would receive American Recovery and Reinvestment Act funds for the project through a $1.7 million Recovery Act infrastructure loan and a $800,000 grant. [8/13]

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