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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Salt Lake Tribune (Utah) - First 100 days of Obama: Utah's stimulus highlights

Utah is scheduled to pocket about $1.7 billion in federal stimulus money, spawning more than 32,000 jobs.

That money helped state lawmakers balance a nearly $11 billion budget and saved program after program from even steeper cuts.

Some of the federal cash already has been tapped or is in the pipeline. So, while exact amounts remain fluid, here is look at major beneficiaries of President Barack Obama's plan to create recession-busting jobs today and strengthen the nation for tomorrow…[4/29/09] - Shovels in the ground: Stimulus at work

Thanks to federal stimulus funds, Rhode Island's pockmarked Route 138 in Tiverton is getting repaved. The state's 97,000 food stamp recipients are getting more money. And some 2,000 local youths will have summer jobs.

The tiny Ocean State has already started spending part of its $1.1 billion share of the $787 billion recovery program. It was one of the first states to put more money in the pockets of the jobless, pumping an additional $1 million a month into the local economy by increasing weekly unemployment benefits by $25. And it is moving quickly to get $137 million in infrastructure projects up and running… [4/29/09]

Associated Press - 50 million retirees to get $250 checks in May

More than 50 million retirees can expect to receive $250 payments from the government in the next few weeks as their share of the economic stimulus package enacted in February.

Economists say the payments will be a timely boost just as the recession is showing signs of easing a little… [4/29/09]

Arizona Daily Star (Arizona) - Ft. Huachuca to receive more stimulus money

Another $4.6 million in federal stimulus money is coming to Fort Huachuca in Sierra Vista, the region's largest military installation.

The tax dollars will be spent on energy-saving projects, such as more efficient lighting and new heating and cooling equipment, and for paving and sewer line repairs… [4/29/09]

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (Georgia) - Muscogee schools will get $16 million in stimulus funds

The Muscogee County School District will receive more than $16 million in federal stimulus money over the coming months for economically disadvantaged and disabled students… [4/29/09]

News & Observer (North Carolina) - UNC snares $17.5 million in stimulus money

UNC Chapel Hill has snared federal economic stimulus money to the tune of $17.5 million to develop a solar fuels research center.

The funding comes from the U.S. Department of Energy and President Obama's American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. It will pay for an interdisciplinary research center to develop solar fuels for next-generation photovoltaic technology… [4/29/09]