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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Tuscaloosa News (Alabama) - Stimulus helps save Shelton jobs, programs

Thanks in large part to federal stimulus money, Shelton State Community College will not have to lay off employees or cut programs, President Mark Heinrich said Thursday…[5/8/09]

Sun-Chronicle (Massachusetts) - Fed funds will aid area workers

Gov. Deval Patrick's administration announced more than $4.6 million in federal stimulus funds will go to assist jobless workers, increase training and expand a summer jobs program for youth in Southeastern Massachusetts… [5/8/09]

The Hour (Connecticut) - Himes: Seniors, disabled vets to begin getting one-time $250 recovery checks

Congressman Jim Himes announced today that starting Thursday Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries in Connecticut will begin receiving $250 checks to supplement their regular benefits. The one-time payments are part of the Recovery Act passed by Congress and earlier this year and will directly help over 550,000 Connecticut residents.

'When we passed the Recovery Act, we wanted to get money back into the economy as quickly as possible,' said Himes. 'This one-time payment to seniors, disabled veterans, and SSI recipients stimulates our economy by putting money in the pockets of those who need it most.'… [5/7/09]

Norman Transcript (Oklahoma) - NPS to receive $4.3 million in stimulus money

The Norman school district is set to receive more than $4.3 million in one-time federal stimulus funds, and is set to receive more through the state allocation… [5/8/09]

The Exception Magazine (Maine) - $250 Checks Distributed to Maine Seniors, Veterans and SSI Recipients
Beginning today, $250 checks will distributed to Social Security and Supplemental Security Income beneficiaries in Maine. Altogether, Maine residents will receive over $72 million…

“When we passed the stimulus package, we wanted to get money back into the economy as quickly as possible. These stimulus payments to seniors, disabled veterans and SSI recipients does just that,” said Congresswoman Chellie Pingree in a statement today. “Combined with the middle class tax cut that is part of the stimulus, we're putting more money where it does the most good--in the pockets of millions of Americans.”… [5/7/09]

San Francisco Chronicle (California) - Retirees' stimulus payments get started

Starting this week, Uncle Sam is handing out a bonus to some 54 million retirees, veterans and people with disabilities: A one-time $250 stimulus payment, provided under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which President Obama signed in February.

'These payments represent our continued commitment to stimulating the economy by putting money directly back in people's pockets,' Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said in a statement… [5/8/09]

KITV Channel 4 (Hawaii) - Hawaii Social Security Recipients Get Bonus Checks

More than 194,000 island residents are getting a little economic stimulus of their own.

The federal government is mailing nearly $55 million in checks to Hawaii Social Security recipients… [5/7/09]