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News About the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan

Omaha World-Herald (Nebraska) - Stimulus funds put hard hats to work

Federal economic stimulus funds approved earlier this year have begun showing up in the Midlands as hard hats and shovels.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday marked the 100th day since he signed the stimulus bill by highlighting 100 projects that were able to burst out of the gate. One of those involves reconstructing the longest of Eppley's three runways. More than 50 years old, it's the runway used most frequently by large commercial airlines.
…The stimulus money allows more of the project to be done upfront…and covers $4.2 million of the project's $24 million total cost. [5/28/09]

The Huntsville Times (Alabama) - Busy, deadly road poised for upgrades

The federal economic stimulus bill approved by Congress in February provided about $22 million for a new North Memorial Parkway overpass.

State tax dollars pledged to that project were then freed up for Research Park Boulevard upgrades. [5/28/09]

Smith Mountain Eagle (Virginia) - Stimulus funds funneling to area

Funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan…are available in the 5th District in a number of areas including education, healthcare, energy efficiency, law enforcement, social services, community development, transportation, clean water, and a number of tax cuts. According to White House estimates, 7,600 jobs will be created or saved in the district as a result of the stimulus bill.

According to superintendent Dr. Charles Lackey, the funds have helped to assure that several teachers will keep their jobs.

'We would have had severe cuts without them,' Lackey said.

…The stimulus bill also benefited the Franklin County Sheriff's Office, receiving $28,000 in funds. The money helped the sheriff's office to offset cuts by the county in their recent budget. [5/28/09]

KCoy Channel 12 (California) - Local Congresswoman and Army Colonel Hold Press Conference on SM Levee

Wednesday, Congresswoman Lois Capps and Army Colonel Magness signed a celebratory partnership agreement with city, county and Army engineers.

They are ready to take the more than $40 million that has been made available and get to work fixing the levee.

They expect the project will employ nearly 1,000 people directly and indirectly, giving a big boost to the local economy and putting people in the Santa Maria Valley back to work. [5/27/09]

SouthtownStar (Illinois) - Mokena, Frankfort will share the cost of safer roads, rails

Safer roads and rail crossings will be coming to the Mokena and Frankfort area this year.

The neighboring villages will work with state agencies to improve the rail crossing at 116th Avenue and to install street lights along U.S. 30 and Wolf Road.

Federal stimulus dollars will provide $260,000, covering more than half the $425,000 cost for new street lights along the U.S. 30/Wolf retail district, where the intersection is being widened. [5/28/09]

Wicked Local Brockton (Massachusetts) - Brockton area job agency to get $2.15 million in stimulus funds

The Brockton area's job agency will receive $2.15 million for job training and support services, the state Labor and Workforce Development office announced Wednesday.

The Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board will use the money to provide job training and support services for dislocated workers, low-income youths and adults in Brockton and surrounding communities…

The money is a portion of the $67 million in federal recovery funding recently announced statewide. [5/28/09]