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Pelosi Testimony to the House Rules Committee on Voting No on TrumpCare

I appreciate the opportunity to testify before the Rules Committee to join the AARP; the American Medical Association; hospitals; nurses and physicians; patient and consumer groups in condemning TrumpCare’s assault on hard-hardworking Americans. It’s worth noting: this Rules Committee meeting is the first and only time that House Republicans have allowed anything resembling direct testimony about TrumpCare’s consequences for the American people.

Pelosi Remarks at Affordable Care Act Seventh Anniversary Event

Good morning, everyone. A good morning it is indeed as we gather here on the steps of the Capitol to observe the 7th anniversary of the signing of the Affordable Care Act. We stand here beneath the great Statue of Freedom joined by Representatives of tens of millions of Americans for whom the Affordable Care Act liberated them from insurers’ abuse, crushing health costs and the rest.

Pelosi Dear Colleague on TrumpCare Member Battle Plan

TrumpCare is a merciless assault on working families across America. If Republicans get their way, children, seniors, Americans with disabilities and people struggling to overcome addiction will be pushed off their health coverage just to hand a massive new tax giveaway to billionaires.

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