Truth About Trump Agenda: Key Numbers for Keystone Families

There is one undisputed fact we know about President Trump: he’s all about the numbers, big numbers.  From TV ratings, the NFL’s tax breaks, and even his IQ.

As he heads to Pennsylvania today, we wanted to remind President Trump of three numbers that show how his devastating agenda has endangered local families:

  • 764,800 – The number of Pennsylvanians who would lose their health care coverage under Trumpcare. And $5,837 is the average increase in costs of premiums for local residents under Trump’s plan.
  • $11,000+ – The amount Pennsylvania families could see their tax burden increase under the Ryan-McConnell billionaires first tax plan that President Trump is promoting today.
  • 14,000+ – The number of Pennsylvania DREAMers whose livelihood is jeopardized by Trump’s hateful immigration policies.

And Trump wonders why his approval rating has dropped by 19 points since January and is in the tank across all 50 states, including states like Pennsylvania that Trump handedly won in the election.

What happened to ‘we’re going to win so much, you’re going to get tired of winning’?  Less than nine months after taking office, President Trump has yet to fulfill any of the legislative promises he campaigned on.  Where is legislation to create ‘jobs, jobs, jobs’?  Lower taxes for the middle class?  Protect our DREAMers?  Prevent gun violence in communities across the country?  Nowhere.

The American people are increasingly growing tired of Trump’s chaos, deception and broken promises.  It’s time for the President to drop his pointless, juvenile Twitter rants, trivial obsession with the irrelevant, and get serious about joining with Democrats to take bold steps toward improving the lives of everyone, everywhere.

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