GOP Tax Cuts: Trick for American Families, Treat for Richest Few

This week, House Republicans are expected to unveil their ‘historic’ tax bill, hoping to race massive changes into law before the American people see it’s just another GOP multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class and working Americans.

And despite GOP efforts to keep details in the dark, news has already slipped about the harmful consequences the Republican tax hike on the middle class will have on American families and our economy.  That’s why editorial Boards across the country – even in red states – are blasting the deeply damaging GOP tax agenda:

New York Times: Who Does Benefit From the Tax Cut Anyway? – “…many in the middle class could actually see their taxes go up.
St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Republicans roll the dice on an unwritten, unworkable, unpopular tax measure
– “…this is not a middle-class tax cut.”

San Francisco Chronicle: Washington’s tax plan unfair to Californians – “The current details [would] have a particularly detrimental effect on Californians.”
Fresno Bee: When Trump talks big tax cuts, California’s workers should check their wallets
“There would be a windfall for the wealthy and precious little for the middle class.”

Chicago Sun-Times: Banks win, 401(k) investors could lose under Trump – “…Ordinary Americans keep losing.”

News Herald: Leave 401(k) plans alone – “…Would make it much harder for Americans to save for their retirement.”

Kansas City Star: Middle-class Americans deserve a tax cut. Will Republicans in Congress deliver? – “…could result in cuts to Medicare and Medicaid.”

 Baltimore Sun: Trump tax cuts: A ‘win’ for the GOP, a disaster for the rest of us – “…it cannot possibly live up to all that President Trump has promised.”

Concord Monitor: Trump tax plan a boon for the wealthy – “Middle income taxpayers would save $660 a year while the top 1 percent would pocket $129,000 annually.”

The Pitt News: Trump’s big, empty tax promises – “Bundled in the plan … are little to no help for the poorest.”

Wisconsin State Journal: Congress should leave 401(k)s alone – “Our leaders in Washington should reject any proposal that hikes taxes on 401(k) contributions.”

Topeka Capital-Journal: National GOP can’t ignore Kansas – “Congress will be making a huge mistake…”

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