NEW POLL: Most Americans Don’t Think GOP Tax Plan is a ‘Good Idea’

On the eve of House GOP’s tax bill rollout, the American people have made it clear they are not falling for Republicans’ plan to trick the middle class and treat billionaires – making the GOP tax bill the most unpopular legislation since President Bush’s attempt to privatize Social Security.

And despite the GOP’s efforts to keep key details in the dark, there is no doubt the Ryan-McConnell tax bill will raise taxes on middle class working families, while handing a multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the wealthiest 1 percent.

According to a new WSJ/NBC News poll:

  • Only 25% of Americans rated the tax plan promoted by Mr. Trump a ‘good idea.’
  • Only 14% of Americans expected that they would pay less in taxes if the plan were enacted.
  • Only 19% of Americans believed the tax plan, if enacted, would help improve and grow the economy ‘a great deal’ or ‘quite a bit.’

Need we say more?  If Republicans are serious about ‘a tax bill for the middle class’, it’s time they stop racing to pass the Ryan-McConnell tax plan that will raise taxes for middle class working families and work with Democrats to deliver on real, bipartisan tax reform for the American people.

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