Pelosi Statement on One Year Since the Trump Administration Repealed the Clean Power Plan

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement marking one year since President Trump repealed the Clean Power Plan, a landmark Obama-era initiative to address the global climate crisis:

“Last year, President Trump abdicated his solemn responsibility to fight the growing climate crisis and build a healthy, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren when he repealed the Clean Power Plan.  From rising oceans and damaging droughts, fires and floods to extreme, unpredictable weather that devastates communities and destabilizes our world, the climate crisis represents the most urgent threat of our time.  According to the new UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report, we are running out of time even more quickly than previously thought, the time for action is now.

“Yet, the Administration has doubled down on its disastrous special interest agenda, dismantling critical vehicle emissions standards, pushing devastating budgets that slash investments in clean energy, attacking basic scientific truths and cynically pulling out of the historic Paris Climate Agreement.  Republicans are callously risking the health and security of hard-working families in order to hand massive giveaways to their corporate polluter friends and big donors.  It is unconscionable that our children are paying the price for the Administration’s relentless campaign to rollback life-saving progress to protect our planet and safeguard the clean air we breathe and water we drink.

“Over the past year, citizens across the country – in our universities, city halls, statehouses and boardrooms – have answered this crucial call to action and taken up the mantle of leadership that the White House and Congressional Republicans have abandoned.  Their groundbreaking innovations, transformative investments and ambitious initiatives are driving strong economic growth while working to preserve the beauty of God’s creation.  Democrats stand with these committed leaders to harness the potential of this moment as we continue to fight For The People to lower prices, raise wages by rebuilding America and clean up corruption to make Washington work for everyone.”

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