GOP Scrambles to Unveil Their No-Name Tax Bill

The chaotic delay of Republicans’ long-promised unveil of the Ryan-McConnell tax plan is just the latest evidence that the GOP is pushing a half-baked tax bill with ruinous consequences for workers and middle class Americans.  And as Republicans continue to scramble to raise taxes on hard-working families in order to ‘cut cut cut’ taxes for billionaires, they are still struggling to nail down details of their tax plan – even arguing about what to name their tax bill.

POLITICO: GOP in disarray ahead of tax plan rollout

House Republicans are scrambling to release their tax bill on Thursday after being forced to postpone the roll-out because of resistance from GOP lawmakers from Democratic states.

Tensions are running “very high,” said a source familiar with the 11th-hour talks. Figuring out how to pay for final changes to accommodate Republican holdouts is just one of several issues still bedeviling House Ways and Means Committee members.

In fact, Republican tax writers could be heard speaking in raised voices during a more than two-hour meeting at the Capitol Tuesday night. Sources say there is some unhappiness among rank-and-file members who feel the plan has been written largely by party leaders without their input … “Members on the committee feel their views are not being listened to,” the source said.

Vox: Republicans promised a tax reform bill by Wednesday. Here’s why they don’t have one.

House Republicans unexpectedly announced Tuesday evening that the tax reform bill they’d been promising to unveil the next morning would have to wait until Thursday … Despite months (or, from a certain point of view, years) of work on tax reform, Republicans still haven’t actually gotten anything done in terms of building consensus on contentious issues at the heart of their bill.

The basic problem, though, is that if you want to do a big tax cut for business owners and heirs to multimillion-dollar estates, and you want to offset it with countervailing tax increases, then you are talking about raising taxes on the middle class in order to finance an unpopular tax cut for the rich. There’s no clear path out of this basic mathematical reality.

USA TODAY: Republicans delay tax bill a day, still scrambling for a deal

The House Republican plan for quick action on a sweeping tax overhaul hit its first speed bump Tuesday night when the scheduled Wednesday rollout of legislation was delayed a day to give lawmakers more time to decide what should be in the bill.

Republicans passed a budget resolution last week that sets out a process allowing them to pass a tax overhaul with no Democratic support. But at the moment, they are having a hard time getting Republicans to agree what should be in the bill.

House Republicans can keep key details of their tax agenda hidden for another day, but it doesn’t change the fact that nothing about the GOP tax bill is tax reform.

Instead of scrambling behind closed doors to hand another GOP multi-trillion dollar giveaway to the wealthiest at the expense of the middle class and working Americans, Republicans must join Democrats to work on real bipartisan tax reform the American people deserve.

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