Trump Wants #GOPTaxScam to Cut More Taxes for Wealthy

Just when we thought it couldn’t get any worse, President Trump’s tweets strike again: this time advocating changes to the #GOPTaxScam to hike families’ health premiums and lower taxes even more for the wealthiest.

POLITICO: Trump calls for tax reform to repeal individual mandate as lawmakers debate

Neither the House bill nor the Senate version under consideration repeals the individual mandate or proposes a top rate that is as low as Trump suggested on Monday.

The Congressional Budget Office projected last week that repealing Obamacare’s individual mandate would … leave 13 million more Americans uninsured in 2027.

New York Magazine: Trump Argues That GOP Tax Bill Should Do More to Help Out the Rich

So: The populist president looked at legislation that increases the tax burden of half of all families with children — even as it allows the heirs of multimillion-dollar estates to avoid paying all capital gains taxes on their inherited assets — and concluded: This bill really needs to do more to increase the post-tax income of millionaires, and reduce the number of Americans with health insurance.

The American people deserve better than GOP’s special-interest agenda.  Republicans must stop rushing to pass their GOP Tax Scam and work together with Democrats for bipartisan, fair tax reform.

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