Pelosi Statement on Republicans’ Rule Change to Prevent Action on War Powers Resolution

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after House Republicans moved to end fast-track war powers privileges, preventing the Congress from exercising its oversight powers under the War Powers Resolution:

“The conflict in Yemen has gone on for far too long, leaving a permanent stain on the conscience of the world.  Yet, House Republicans just took sweeping, unprecedented action to undermine Congress’ solemn, long-established prerogative to limit the President’s war powers.

“Last week, the Department of Defense announced they would no longer support the aerial refueling of Saudi planes used to bomb targets in Yemen.  This step alone does not come close to addressing our concerns, or stopping the carnage.  The United States has continued to provide additional support to Saudi forces in Yemen, even as they have waged a war of staggering brutality and devastation that has resulted in the unnecessary deaths of scores of civilians, including a school bus filled with children this summer.

“As thirty top Obama Administration officials wrote in a letter this weekend, ‘the Trump administration has doubled down on support for the Saudi leadership’s prosecution of the war, while removing restrictions we had put in place.  It is past time for America’s role in this disastrous war in Yemen to end.’

“Real, immediate action must be taken by the Congress to end this horrific humanitarian crisis.”

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