Speaker Ryan ‘Obviously’ Favors Adding Health Premium Increase to #GOPTaxScam

“Obviously we’re in favor of repealing the Obamacare individual mandate.” – Speaker Ryan moments ago at his Fox News Town Hall

Republicans have found a new target in their rush to pass the GOP tax scam: the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate.

It’s bad enough that tens of millions of middle class families will pay higher taxes under the GOP tax scam, and now Senate Republicans are adding a crushing health premium increase that would lead to an additional 13 million uninsured Americans.

Slate: Republicans Have Decided to Attack Obamacare to Pay for Their Tax Cuts

Many Americans would end up paying more for their insurance so that Republicans could lavish their tax cuts on Walmart and the Koch brothers. And some, the CBO believes, will be priced out of coverage entirely.

Vox: Obamacare’s individual mandate, the new target in the GOP tax plan, explained

Senate Republicans want to take another stab at driving a stake into Obamacare in their tax overhaul.

The Congressional Budget Office estimates that 13 million people would lose coverage if the individual mandate were repealed, and that premiums in the individual market would rise by an additional 10 percent.

Chaining the GOP tax hike on millions of middle class families to the failed zombie of Trumpcare’s lethal health cost increases and explosive coverage losses exposes the unspeakable cruelty of the GOP tax scam.

Democrats vow to defeat the GOP tax scam in the life-or-death fight for families across America.


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