Republicans Mask Truth About #GOPTaxScam: ‘Everybody Will Benefit’

TONIGHT – SPEAKER RYAN AT TAX TOWN HALL ON FOX: “We believe everybody will benefit.

YESTERDAY – HOUSE WAYS AND MEANS COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN KEVIN BRADY: “I think at the end of day, once this bill gets to the president’s desk, every American will be better off.”

ON 9/28 – WHITE HOUSE CHIEF ECONOMIC ADVISOR GARY COHN: “[The tax bill is] purely aimed at middle-class families.”

Sense a pattern?  It doesn’t matter how many times Republicans falsely frame the GOP Tax Scam.

Truth is: the GOP’s snake-oil tax pitch will increase taxes for 36 million middle class households in order to give multi-trillion dollar tax giveaways to the wealthiest and corporate America.

Washington Post Op-Ed: If the tax bill is so great, why does the GOP keep lying about it?

The tax plan primarily helps the middle class? Nope. The biggest benefits go to higher-income Americans, both in raw dollar terms and as a percentage of income … Lots of lower- and middle-income families won’t benefit at all. Many will be worse off.

The Atlantic: This Is What a Real Middle-Class Tax Cut Would Look Like

If one takes the White House’s word for it, tax reform is all about a single goal—helping the middle class, not the rich. Gary Cohn, the White House’s chief economic adviser, says the president’s tax cut is “purely aimed at middle-class families.” Steve Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, promised Congress that tax reform wouldn’t benefit the rich. House Speaker Paul Ryan says the plan’s “entire purpose” is to lower middle-class taxes.

But the promises don’t fit the plan.

Our message to Republicans: Enough with the hollow rhetoric and empty promises.  It’s time to work with Democrats on real, bipartisan tax reform the American people deserve.


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