Trump Administration Makes Another Empty Promise on Taxes

Yesterday on CNN’s State of the Union, OMB Director Mick Mulvaney defended the GOP tax scam with yet another promise Republicans have no intention of keeping:

MICK MULVANEY: The bottom line is that the White House, the president is not going to sign a bill that raises taxes on the middle class, period.

After House GOP passed a tax scam to raise taxes on 36 million middle class families in order to hand deficit-exploding giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas, President Trump called it a ‘big win’.

Now, Republicans are making their terrible tax bill downright deadly – adding a provision in the Senate to unravel the Affordable Care Act, spiking Americans’ health premiums and causing 13 million Americans to go uninsured.

The GOP is dead-set on:

  • Raising taxes on millions of middle class families
  • Slashing taxes for the wealthiest and corporations, exploding the deficit
  • Giving a tax break to corporations shipping American jobs overseas
  • Ransacking Medicare and Medicaid

As American families celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s clear there is nothing to be thankful for in the GOP tax scam.

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