Pelosi Dear Colleague on Enhancing the Role of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee

November 20, 2018



Dear Democratic Colleague and Members-elect,

Congratulations once again on your victory and for being part of an historic new Democratic Majority!

We celebrate the election of so many dynamic, diverse and determined Democratic Members in a spirit of gratitude to our outstanding Democratic Policy and Communications Committee Co-Chairs: Congresswoman Cheri Bustos, Congressman David Cicilline and Congressman Hakeem Jeffries.

In the campaign, House Democrats won because we were laser-focused on our forward-looking, ambitious agenda For The People; a powerful, positive message that reflected the guidance of our Caucus and the priorities of the American people, which was instrumental in delivering the biggest Democratic Majority since Watergate!

We must now prepare ourselves to build on the tremendous success of our Election Day victory.  That is why I am recommending to the Caucus that we create the new position of Chair of the Democratic Policy and Communications Committee, in addition to the three Co-Chair positions.

This change also reflects similar modifications that Senate Democrats are currently advancing.  This enhancement to the DPCC will position House Democrats to best take advantage of the new size and diversity of our Caucus, bringing greater resources and staffing to this vital Committee.

We must be ready to deliver For The People on Day One, and beyond: lowering health care costs and the price of prescription drugs, increasing pay with strong economic growth by rebuilding America and cleaning up corruption to make Washington work for the people.

We must communicate that we are ready to govern and that focus will prepare us to once again own the ground for the next election.

Thank you for your leadership.  Best wishes to you and your families for a happy and restful Thanksgiving.

best regards,

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