Pelosi Dear Colleague on Democrats’ Responsibility to Deliver a More Open, Unifying Government For The People


Dear Democratic Colleague and Members-elect,

In every new Congress, when the Freshmen arrive, the Members stand in awe and say, “Here come the fresh recruits. Who among them will lead in this body? Who among them will seek higher office? Who among them will be President of the United States?”

Our responsibility is to ensure that the Freshman Class has every opportunity to succeed. This class of 2018 is an historic one by dint of its experience, its diversity and its commitment to deliver progress in the lives of hard-working Americans. Their impact will and must be transformative for the Congress and the Country.

It is my hope that as we deliver on our For The People agenda – lower health costs, higher wages by rebuilding America and restoring integrity in government – we do so in a way that will address economic disparity in this Country. This Freshman Class has also made integrity in government its priority, supporting H.R. 1, in our Better Deal for Our Democracy. As Justice Brandeis said, “We may have democracy, or we may have wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both.”

The American people voted for a check and balance on President Trump by sending a Democratic Majority to Washington. In order for us to honor that charge and engage the public, I suggest that our sessions on the House Floor be deemed America’s Town Hall meetings. As President Lincoln said, “public sentiment is everything.” The more open the Congress, the more the public will be engaged in our proceedings, and the better we can govern.

I am grateful to so many Members of the 116th Congress for their support and ideas. We all agree that history is in a hurry, and we need to accelerate the pace of change in Congress. We have been blessed with a Democratic Caucus now enhanced by an historic Freshman Class. My responsibility is to recognize the myriad of talent and tools at our disposal to take us in to the future by showcasing the idealism, intellect and imagination of our Caucus.

The public has entrusted us to save our democracy. It is our patriotic duty to deliver a more open, responsive, bipartisan and unifying government For The People.

I respectfully ask for your vote for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Thank you for your leadership and friendship.

best regards,

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