Pelosi Statement on the Passing of Mary Stanley

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the passing of feminist icon Mary Stanley:

“Paul and I were greatly saddened to hear of the passing of a fearless, relentless champion for women: Mary Stanley.  Mary was an icon of the Democratic Party and of the Central Valley, and her loss will be deeply felt across our state and our country.

“Mary’s life was marked by extraordinary courage, persistence and a fierce commitment to building a better world for women and for all Americans.  As a survivor of domestic violence and a single mother, Mary believed deeply in the power and potential of women’s empowerment.  She made her mark as a successful, self-made businesswoman, and then entered the political arena as the only businesswoman and only woman from the Central Valley to serve on the California Commission on the Status of Women during the years she served.  Her leadership on the local, state and national levels helped advance exceptional progress for women’s rights, and her vision and strong voice were instrumental in bringing the fight for women’s reproductive rights to the top of the agenda.

“Mary deeply understood that nothing is more wholesome than the increased leadership and participation of women in politics, and she committed her full life and spirit to bringing more women into the halls of power.  She helped elect countless powerful women to the U.S. Congress, forever changing the face of our institution.  Her extraordinary dedication and determination has brought our nation closer to its fundamental promise of full equality, and her leadership has made our politics stronger, more equal and more just.

“May it be a comfort to Mary’s many loved ones, admirers and friends that so many share in their grief at this time.”

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