Rep. Collins, Why Don’t You Listen to Your Constituents on Taxes?

My donors are basically saying, ‘Get it done or don’t ever call me again.’” – Rep. Chris Collins (R-NY)

But Congressman, here’s what we want to know: what are your constituents saying?  Under the Ryan-McConnell tax scam (which you strongly support), middle class working families in your own district will have to pay more in taxes, just so your ‘donors’ can be handed massive tax cuts.

New York Times: Republican Plan Would Raise Taxes on Millions

Nearly half of all middle-class families would pay more in taxes in 2026 than they would under current rules if the proposed House tax bill became law, and about one-third would pay more in 2018, according to a New York Times analysis, a striking finding for a bill promoted as a middle-class tax cut.

Buffalo News Editorial: Collins, Reed willing to sell out N.Y. to win tax cuts

Of New York’s 27 members of Congress, only two support [the tax plan] and, sadly, both represent Western New York: Chris Collins, R-Clarence, and Tom Reed, R-Corning, whose district extends to the western Southern Tier.

It’s not the first time they’ve held a dagger to their own constituents; they did the same with their effort to change the way New York funds Medicaid. This one is especially galling, and for a couple of reasons. One, state income taxes relieve Washington of expenses that it might otherwise incur in those states.

For our own congressmen to further sabotage their own constituents is reprehensible … Collins and Reed seem pleased with their efforts to restore property tax deductibility, but that’s putting a coat of paint on a house you’ve set on fire. It’s not enough.

Congressman Collins, it’s tie you and your House GOP colleagues stop pushing this snake oil tax pitch, and work with Democrats on real tax reform for America’s hard-working families.

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