President Trump is Obsessed with Being the Biggest Loser

Yesterday, President Trump claimed he’ll ‘get killed’ and be a ‘big loser’ under the Ryan-McConnell tax bill.

Truth?  The only ‘big losers’ in the GOP tax scam are vulnerable and hard-working middle class families (including Trump voters) who will pay more in taxes just so Republicans can hand massive tax cuts to the richest few.

The Baltimore Sun: GOP sides with the ‘super wealthy’ over the sick

The Republican House tax reform bill is being sold as a boon to the middle class. In fact, it is designed primarily to cut taxes of the super wealthy and large global corporations and does little to help the middle class while causing great damage to our most vulnerable citizens.

The bill as currently proposed eliminates the tax deduction for medical expenses that are essential to the welfare of the elderly, disabled and those with chronic health problems. These groups face extraordinary medical expenses for items such as doctor and hospital care, pharmaceuticals, health insurance, nursing care and nursing home care that have been made affordable by allowing them to be deducted from federal income taxes.

TIME: Here’s What the Republican Tax Plan Would Mean for the Average Trump Voter

Republicans in Congress have argued that they must pass their tax reform proposal to keep their voters happy as the party heads toward the 2018 midterm elections.

But it’s an open question how the Republican tax plan would affect the average Trump voter … The rich donors who are part of the base would come out quite nicely from this proposal. The proverbial kind of lower-middle-class worker is not going to benefit as much, particularly when the financing of the tax cut is taken into account.

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