Pelosi Dear Colleague on Promoting Staff Diversity in 116th Congress

November 8, 2018

Dear Democratic Colleague:

Congratulations on your election to the 116th Congress!  The American people have elected extraordinary and diverse Democratic Members to the Congress of the United States.

House Democrats take great pride in the fact that our Caucus is more than 60 percent women, people of color and LGBTQ.  We know that the diversity in our ranks is a strength and a reflection of the American people that it is our great honor to serve.

I strongly encourage Members and Committees to take this opportunity to hire diverse staff whose advice and expertise will enrich our service to our country.  It is also my hope that, as a first step, our Democratic Caucus will formally adopt the Rooney Rule to guide hiring for senior positions in each of our offices.

In support of this vital effort, Ranking Member McGovern has proposed establishing a permanent House Diversity Initiative as part of the Rules package on opening day – building on the work of the House Democratic Diversity Initiative that we launched in the 115th Congress.

Embracing the value of diversity within our offices, especially in senior positions, will strengthen our ability to represent our constituents and craft solutions that benefit all Americans.  The Members of the Tri-Caucus are a vital resource, and my office stands ready to assist you in any way in this important priority.

Thank you for your leadership.

best regards,

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