Pelosi Statement on House & Senate GOP Tax Scam

Washington, D.C.—Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after Senate Republicans unveiled their version of the GOP tax scam and the House Ways & Means Committee voted to pass the last-minute revisions to the House GOP tax scam along party lines:

“At every stage, the GOP tax scam grows more generous for multi-national corporations and more destructive toward American workers and middle class families.  The Senate bill confirms it: Washington Republicans are dead-set on raising taxes on middle class families to give tax breaks to the wealthiest one percent and corporations shipping American jobs overseas.

“Republicans are about to tattoo their most vulnerable, suburban Members with a huge middle class tax hike.  Every House Republican who votes for the GOP tax scam next week is voting to completely destroy the state and local tax deduction, and raise taxes on their own constituents.

“It turns out that deficit hawks are extinct in the Republican Party.  Now, Speaker Ryan is going to drive suburban Republicans into extinction too.”

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