Pelosi Statement on the California Wildfires

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement regarding the California wildfires, which have burned thousands of structures and killed at least 5 people:

“The hearts of every Californian and all Americans are heavy for the victims and families of all those impacted by the devastating wildfires burning throughout our state.  We grieve for those we have lost and pray that all those still in danger remain safe.  Americans across the country send our deepest gratitude to the brave, selfless first responders and fire fighters who are our nobility, and who are on the front lines protecting neighbors and strangers alike, fighting tirelessly to protect homes and keep our families safe.

“As we continue to monitor the situation, we urge all residents to remain vigilant.  It is critical to listen to local authorities who are instructing families to prepare to evacuate at a moment’s notice.  We will continue to push for state, local and federal resources to be available to first responders as they work to combat the flames and get people to safety.

“The people of California deserve to know that Congress will be there for them now and throughout the long road to recovery.  We will stand with the families and communities devastated by this disaster, and work tirelessly to help Californians heal, recover and rebuild.”

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