CA Families Face Spiraling Consequences Under GOP Tax Scam

Next week, California’s 14 House Republicans could cast the deciding votes in whether the GOP tax scam becomes law – a scam with uniquely devastating consequences for California’s families in particular. Why would these members vote for a bill that is so clearly damaging for their state and contrary to the best interests of their constituents?

While House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and his GOP colleagues rush to hand massive giveaways to the wealthiest one percent and corporations shipping American jobs overseas, numerous media outlets have taken notice of the damage that the horrific #GOPTaxScam will do to the Golden State:

CBS News: Report: GOP tax plans would limit taxpayers’ ability to write off losses from wildfires

The Republican tax overhaul plans pending in Congress would limit the ability of taxpayers to write off losses from wildfires and other disasters… House Republicans have proposed eliminating the deduction altogether…

Fortune: GOP Tax Plan Could Hit Wildfire Victims Especially Hard

The bill proposes eliminating—or at last dramatically modifying—the tax deduction for personal losses due to natural disasters, including fire.

Fresno Bee: When Trump talks big tax cuts, California’s workers should check their wallets

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans are primed to ram through tax cuts, but unless you’re part of the 1 percent, it wouldn’t be very good for your finances.

Los Angeles Times: As California burns, Congress plans to slash tax write-offs for fires and other disasters

As California burns, Congress is planning to limit taxpayers’ ability to write off losses from future wildfires and other disasters.

Los Angeles Times: The GOP’s big tax win is a loss for the rest of us

But the first big win for Republicans in Washington is a loss for the rest of us… The biggest beneficiaries, though, will be businesses with the highest profits and individuals with the highest incomes, and some of the biggest losers could be those who can scarcely afford the higher tab — graduate students, for example.

Los Angeles Times: These maps show why some California Republicans are nervous about changes to the tax code

California taxpayers would be hit disproportionately hard under the Republican tax plan because of changes to two popular tax breaks.

Mercury News: California Republicans face backlash for vote that could lead to ending property, state tax deduction

The GOP tax plan would steeply cut corporate and personal tax rates while getting rid of most deductions. That will pinch the Golden State because more than six million Californians take advantage of the state and local tax deduction each year, deducting an average of $18,438 per family, according to the non-partisan Tax Policy Center.

Sacramento Bee: This part of Trump’s tax proposal would penalize Californians more than almost anyone else

“But one particular change – the elimination of the ability to deduct state and local taxes – would hurt California more than almost any other state.”

Salon: As L.A. burns, Republicans vote for a tax hike on the victims

It turns out, the congressional Republicans are making matters even worse for the victims of these wildfires in Los Angeles and others yet to occur, as well as victims of earthquakes and other acts of God.

San Diego Union-Tribune: Tax bill’s impact on San Diego: Lots of downsides

As a state with very high state income taxes and high real estate costs, resulting in high mortgage interest costs, the lack of deductibility of these costs will result in much higher tax payments for most San Diegans.

San Francisco Chronicle: Next step in GOP tax bill unlikely to deliver help to California

Chances are, many state residents’ tax bills will be higher in years to come.

Vox: “At this point it looks like California Republicans are eager to lose their seats”

But the vote is still dangerous. Republicans in California clearly ran on cutting taxes — but this tax bill could raise taxes on their constituents.

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