Pelosi Statement on Congressman Levin’s Decision to Not Seek Re-Election

Washington, D.C. — Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released this statement following the announcement of Congressman Sander Levin of Michigan that he will not seek re-election:

“Congressman Sander Levin is a principled patriot, champion of the people of Michigan and deeply esteemed leader in the Congress.

“Since his days as a student activist, Congressman Levin has been a fearless and dedicated voice for justice and progress.  In his 35 years in the Congress, he has fought tirelessly on behalf of families in Michigan and across the country to expand quality, affordable health care, secure the dignity of a good retirement and promote fair trade that leaves no worker behind.  His commitment to always ‘dig deeply into the facts’ has made Levin both a respected and effective lawmaker, and leaves the U.S. Congress a stronger, better institution.

“We are all grateful that Congressman Levin will continue his work inspiring the next generation of leaders once he leaves Congress, urging them, in the words of Lord Alfred Tennyson, ‘to seek, to strive, to find and not to yield.’  My colleagues and I wish Congressman Levin and his beloved family the very best as he writes the next chapter of his journey.”

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