This Christmas, President Trump Wants to be the Grinch

Earlier today in Utah, President Trump said that the GOP tax scam will bring Christmas back ‘bigger and better than ever before.’

First, Christmas won’t be ‘back’ because it never went away.

Second, the only thing ‘bigger and better’ about this year’s holiday is the massive gift in tax cuts Republicans are handing the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas, while raising taxes on tens of millions of middle class families – including the hard-working Utah families the president was speaking to.

KUTV: Some fear proposed tax reform plan will hurt Utah’s big families

Voices for Utah Children, a group that advocates for children and their families, says the Senate’s current tax reform bill would harm Utah families more than families in other states.

“Big families come out behind and Utah of course has bigger families than perhaps any other states,” Matthew Weinstein with Voices of Utah children said.

He said all families with an income of 75 thousand dollars or less would, in the long run pay more in taxes.

Salt Lake Tribune: Republican tax bills threaten incentives for affordable housing — one of Utah’s top issues

At immediate risk in Salt Lake City alone, in the worst of the scenarios, are 650 units of affordable housing expected to be developed through 2019. Statewide, the 5,000 affordable units developed in the last three years, and the $800 million and 14,000 jobs derived from that development, could slow by half going forward.

Instead of listening to the majority of American voters who reject the GOP tax scam, Republicans this week are rushing to put finishing touches on their terrible tax plan that:

  • Raises taxes on millions of middle class families
  • Slashes taxes for the wealthiest and corporations, explodes deficit
  • Gives a new tax break to corporations shipping American jobs overseas
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