Rep. Sanford Lets the Truth Slip About GOP Tax Scam

Rep. Sanford on GOP tax scam: ‘Fundamentally this is a corporate tax cut bill, we should have been intellectually honest about that.’

Yes, we agree.  But these words only ring hollow as Republicans finalize their tax scam that raises taxes on tens of millions of middle class families in order to hand deficit-exploding giveaways to the wealthiest and corporations shipping jobs overseas.

And as House and Senate Republicans go to conference to settle the differences between their monstrous versions of the GOP tax scam, the health of millions of Americans and key middle class tax benefits are on the chopping block:

  • Raising Americans’ Health Insurance Premiums
  • The State and Local Tax Deduction
  • The Student Loan Interest Deduction & Lifetime Learning Credits
  • The Medical Expense Deduction
  • The Mortgage Interest Deduction

Opposed by the majority of Americans, it’s clear the GOP tax scam is very bad news for middle class America.  As Republicans continue to rush through their terrible tax bill, Democrats remain committed to fighting for real tax reform all hard-working Americans deserve.

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