Pelosi Statement on November Jobs Report

San Francisco – Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi issued this statement after the Department of Labor issued its November jobs statement, reporting disappointing job growth in November:

“November’s jobs report shows an economy straining beneath the weight of a callous GOP special interest agenda that has ransacked the economic security of hard-working families to enrich the already-wealthy.

“In the election, voters delivered a resounding verdict against the Republican Congress’ brutal health care sabotage campaign, massive unpaid-for tax breaks for big banks, Big Pharma and big corporations shipping jobs overseas, and relentless attacks on Medicare and Medicaid.  The American people will soon have a House Majority that will serve the public interest, not the special interests.

“Our Democratic Majority is ready to restore openness, bipartisanship and unity to the Congress as we deliver For The People: lower health costs, raise wages by rebuilding America and clean up corruption to make Washington work for everyone.”

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