Pelosi Statement on Nomination of William Barr

San Francisco – Speaker-designate Nancy Pelosi issued this statement on the nomination of William Barr to serve as Attorney General:

“The President’s proposed nomination of Mr. Barr is deeply concerning.  Barr has spent the past two years auditioning for this job by stoking partisan attacks on our nation’s law enforcement community, and encouraging the President to use the Justice Department as a political weapon to pursue his rivals and undermine investigations into Trump and his family’s scandals.

“Barr’s constant attempts to weaken and undercut the credibility of the Special Counsel investigation cast serious doubt on his ability to oversee this critical investigation.

“This nomination is the latest in the President’s pattern of installing partisan hacks in the highest reaches of our government who will happily do his bidding.  The American people expect assurances that this nominee will ensure that justice is pursued, the rule of law is respected and the Mueller investigation will continue, unhindered by the President or his cronies.

“Our new Democratic Majority will bring a new dawn of openness, transparency and unity to the Congress.  When we take the gavel, restoring the health of our democracy will be H.R. 1, so that we can clean up corruption to make Washington work For The People.”

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