Pelosi Statement on the House Intelligence Committee Vote to Release Nunes Memo

Washington, D.C. –  Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after House Intelligence Committee Republicans voted to publicly release a bogus, misleading memo, authored by Chairman Devin Nunes:

“Tonight, the House Republicans crossed from dangerous irresponsibility and disregard for our national security into the realm of cover up.  In doing so, they disregarded the warnings of the Justice Department and the FBI.

“Chairman Nunes’ memo contains significant inaccuracies and omissions that misrepresent the underlying intelligence and jeopardize the effectiveness of our intelligence and law enforcement communities.  Americans should be deeply concerned by Speaker Ryan’s sanctioning of this irresponsible decision and his complicity in allowing the Committee investigation to devolve into a sad political spectacle.

“President Trump must honor his responsibility as Commander-in-Chief and reject the reckless release of the Nunes memo.

“Republicans must cease their efforts to undermine Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.  House Republicans are engaged in a pattern of abdicating their constitutional responsibilities to the American people.  Deliberately, the GOP refused to release the Democrats’ memo. Clearly, they are afraid of the truth.

“I commend Ranking Member Schiff and other Intelligence Committee Democrats for insisting that all documents be reviewed and appropriately redacted before being released.  Democrats remain committed to ensuring that the integrity of the Special Counsel and Congressional investigations is not compromised by an unsubstantiated, partisan smear campaign.”

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