Pelosi Statement on the Firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after it was announced that Acting Attorney General Sally Yates was fired by President Trump:

“Tonight, the Acting Attorney General was fired for upholding the Constitution of the United States.  What the Trump Administration calls betrayal is an American with the courage to say that the law and the Constitution come first.

“President Trump’s executive order violates the Constitution, dishonors our values, and weakens the security of the United States.  National security experts are warning that the President’s ban will make it harder, not easier to defeat terror.

“Earlier tonight, House Republicans blocked Democrats’ emergency bill to rescind this dangerous and unconstitutional executive order.  Now, President Trump has fired the Acting Attorney General to get the answer he wants.  Republicans will have to decide whether they will be complicit in the President’s reckless, wrathful and unconstitutional agenda.”