Pelosi Statement on February Jobs Report

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today after the Department of Labor announced that the economy added a total of 235,000 jobs in February, slightly less than the revised estimate of 238,000 created in January.  With 227,000 private sector jobs being added in February, the economy has added more than 16 million private sector jobs since early 2010.

“February’s jobs numbers indicate the enduring power of President Obama’s economic leadership.  The firm foundation for growth created under the Obama Administration continues to deliver, but President Trump is taking dangerous steps that will hollow out our economy and weaken working families.

“After 50 days in office, President Trump still has not put forward a single significant jobs bill.  Instead, Republicans have made it their top priority to end affordable health care in America.  Not only does the Republican Pay More For Less bill push millions off their health coverage, it will destroy millions of jobs and create chaos throughout the economy.  Once again, the GOP is hurting working families in order to give a multi-billion dollar tax break to billionaires.

“The American people want action to create jobs and raise wages for working families.  The failing grade of America’s infrastructure demands urgent attention and represents an immense opportunity to create good-paying jobs renewing our communities.  Republicans should be creating jobs rebuilding America’s infrastructure, not destroying lives dismantling Americans’ health care.”

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