Forecast: Cloudy with Corruption, Secrecy and Double-Dealing

It’s Sunshine Week, yet there is a cloud over Trump’s White House of corruption, double-dealing and secrecy.

There’s no secret that the Trump White House is one of the most corrupt, unethical and secretive administrations America has ever seen.  From the unending revelations of Trump and his family’s conflicts of interest to widespread abuse of taxpayer funds and the constant chaos that surrounds the President and his Cabinet, the interest of the ‘forgotten man’ is no longer a  priority (was it ever?).

And at the height of Trump and his Administration’s abuses, Speaker Ryan and House Republicans refuse to lift a finger to hold the executive branch accountable, leaving Z-E-R-O oversight of the Trump White House.

The American people have had enough.  Headlines across the country prove the Trump White House’s double-dealing, unethical behavior and loose relationship with the truth compound by the day, and House GOP must be held responsible for their inaction.


Politico: White House orders agencies to ignore Democrats’ oversight requests

Los Angeles Times: Why Trump’s Playboy Playmate sex scandal is just another ho-hum day in his presidency

Forbes: GOP Congress Is Complicit In State Department Not Spending Russian Investigation Dollars

Vanity Fair: Republicans Don’t Want to Know if Trump Colluded With Russia

Vox: “No one cares”: House Republicans look the other way after Sessions testimony

Axios: Hill Republicans try to ignore Trump

Washington Post Op-Ed: Why Paul Ryan, defender of the indefensible, should just stop talking


Washington Post: The Trump administration is in an unethical league of its own

The Hill: Ethics issues pile up for Trump Cabinet officials

Washington Post: Trump’s tumultuous Cabinet, ranked

CNBC: Trump’s Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here’s a complete guide

Daily Beast: Report: White House Rebukes Cabinet Officials Over Ethics Issues

The Hill: Cabinet officials rebuked by White House amid ethics questions: report

CNN: White House scolds Cabinet officials after embarrassing ethics reports

Business Insider: $139,000 doors and private planes — 6 Trump Cabinet members under scrutiny for their lavish spending of taxpayer money

New York Times: Ben Carson Tries to Cancel $31,000 Dining Furniture Purchase for HUD Office

USA TODAY: Doors to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke’s office are getting a nearly $139,000 upgrade

Business Insider: Trump Cabinet members have racked up millions of dollars of taxpayer-funded travel


CNN: An updated map of the feuds and frustrations splitting the Trump White House

The Hill: Chaos continues to reign supreme at the White House

USA Today: ‘King Chaos’: Trump and aides navigate a White House cauldron

Washington Post: New evidence the Stormy Daniels payment may have violated election law

ABC News: Kellyanne Conway says she discussed Hatch Act violations with President Trump

Wall Street Journal: Gary Cohn Resigns as White House Economic Adviser After Losing Tariffs Fight

The Atlantic: The White House Melts Down Over Steel

The Hill: Scaramucci accuses Kelly of covering up allegations against Rob Porter

New York Times: Hope Hicks to Leave Post as White House Communications Director

Business Insider: Rob Porter reportedly said in an off-the-record meeting the White House arranged that his ex-wife’s black eye was from a fall

Politico: Lawmakers losing confidence in White House after Porter resignation

CNN: Second WH official resigns over domestic abuse allegations


Forbes: Trump’s Biggest Potential Conflict Of Interest Is Hiding In Plain Sight

Reuters: Trump embroiled in ‘unprecedented conflicts of interest,’ report warns

Vox: Trump’s corruption deserves to be a central issue in the 2018 midterms

WSJ: Donald Trump, His Children, and 500+ Potential Conflicts of Interest

McClatchy: Ivanka Trump never cut ties with the Trump Organization. That’s turned into a problem.

AP: Trump Jr. toes “fuzzy line” as undisclosed partner gets access

New York Magazine: Despite Conflicts of Interest, Kushner Is Still Running U.S. Diplomacy

NYT: Kushner’s Family Business Received Loans After White House Meetings

NBC News: Mueller team asking if Kushner foreign business ties influenced Trump policy

New Yorker: Jared Kushner’s Conflicts of Interest Reach a Crisis Point

Washington Post: Kushner’s overseas contacts raise concerns as foreign officials seek leverage

Knox News: Trump administration’s hallmarks are chaos and corruption

NYT Op-Ed: The Chaos in the Trump Administration

On Sunshine Week, a complicit Republican Congress continues to shade the American people from the truth and ignore the Trump administration’s abuse of power, blatant corruption and secrecy.  Democrats are fighting for a transparent government that serves the American people, not Trump and his special interest agenda.

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