Speaker Ryan Forcing House GOP to Walk The Plank for ‘Pay More For Less’ Repeal Bill

Lack of transparency, painful contradiction among Republicans – and now, outright disarray:  Speaker Ryan’s ‘Pay More For Less’ bill is so much of an atrocious wreck that even his own Republican colleagues are rapidly turning against him.

Yahoo“Paul Ryan’s leadership has long been questioned by Republicans who think he’s politically naïve, and the current health care fight is raising new concerns about Ryan’s political savvy…”

The Hill – “A growing number of GOP senators are hoping the House fails to pass its bill to repeal and replace ObamaCare…”

CNN – “House speaker’s reputation, authority and political fate are on the line in a way they never have been before…”

Business Insider – “…Ryan…finds his fate suddenly tied this month to whether he can deliver…”

Roll Call – Road to House GOP Health Plan Passage Still Uncertain

Sen. Cotton – “I understand that the House had a ‘Better Way’ pamphlet…but we did not produce legislative text on those principles until last Monday night.”

It’s no wonder the Speaker dodges questions and refuses to give straight answers to the American people.

Business Insider – ‘That’s kind of a goofy question’: Paul Ryan won’t answer whether Obamacare replacement bill will pass House

Washington Post – “Ryan did not detail what changes are under consideration to his plan.”

CNN – Paul Ryan refuses to say whether health bill would pass House if vote were Wednesday

No matter how they try to spin it, Speaker Ryan, Republicans and the Trump Administration not only can’t hide the disastrous consequences of their ‘Pay More For Less’ bill, but they can’t downplay the internal dysfunction that will doom their so-called health care bill.