Leader Pelosi slams TrumpCare’s Assault on Working Families

Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined John Dickerson on CBS’ Face the Nation to discuss how TrumpCare and the Trump budget blueprint will devastate working families, as well as the need for an investigation into Russian interference in our election and the Kremlin’s personal, political and financial grip on the Trump White House.

In the interview, Leader Pelosi highlighted the assault TrumpCare poses to American families, forcing 24 million Americans off of their health coverage, while handing the wealthiest few a $600 billion tax giveaway.  She also slammed the Trump Administration’s flawed statement of values shown in their FY2018 budget blueprint, which would hollow out investments for hard-working families and blindly throw billions at defense.

Below are key highlights of the Leader’s interview.

On the Failure of TrumpCare:

“What Republicans have put forth is a terrible bill – 24 million people kicked off of health insurance which the Speaker calls ‘an act of mercy.’ At the same time, they put out a budget that OMB Director Mick Mulvaney says is ‘compassionate’ to take away Meals on Wheels and give it to the Defense Department. … Compassionate acts of mercy, I don’t know what faith that is.”

“The Affordable [Care] Act’s purpose was to lower costs, expand access and improve benefits –it has succeeded in all three.  It should be respected for what it does, we should judge it for what it doesn’t do, and work hard to improve it.”

“Imagine a bill that takes 24 million people off health insurance, gives the biggest transfer of wealth in our country in our history, $600 billion taken from working class families in our country – middle class and those who aspire to it – to the top 1%. $600 billion dollars – Robin Hood in reverse, some call it ‘Ryan Hood.’”

On Independent Investigation into Russia and Trump:

“Why won’t they do it? There’s an investigation that could take place in the Intelligence Committee in the House and Senate.  I was a part of that for 9/11, one of the four co-chairs of that joint investigation, but we also had the outside 9/11 Commission.  So you can only go so far within the Congress, let’s take it away from Congress of any political motivation and just put it outside apolitically.”

On Trump’s Baseless Wiretap Claims:

“I call him the Deflector-in Chief, he’ll come up with anything to change the subject from something that’s not going well for him.  He’s sent us nothing to create jobs, no bill, no infrastructure, no accomplishment in his term of office so far.”