The Results Are In: Majority of Workers Not Benefiting from #GOPTaxScam

Speaker Ryan was right when he said, ‘the results are going to speak for themselves.’  Three months into Republicans’ smoke and mirrors campaign to sell the GOP tax scam, a majority of working Americans are still not seeing an increase in their paychecks.

Wall Street, pharmaceutical companies and big corporations are reaping massive windfalls from the giveaways in the GOP tax scam.  But, a new CNBC Poll found that:

  • More than half of working Americans – 52 percent – say they’ve seen no change in their withholding taxes;
  • Only 35 percent of the middle class report more take home pay;
  • Of the only 32 percent of working adults who noticed something, 40 percent say it helps some or just a little, and 22 percent say ‘it does not help much at all.’

Despite the false promises and hype, the proof is in workers’ paychecks, and a majority have not benefitted from the GOP tax scam.  As the Washington Post said:

When Republicans were promoting this monster of a tax cut last year, they repeatedly claimed it would help middle-class Americans. Mnuchin argued the middle class would benefit, while the rich would receive “very little cuts or, in certain cases, increases.” This was laughably untrue. Some of the arguments verged into parody: Ivanka Trump claimed the plan would “create simplification” for Americans, a remarkable statement considering it was passed with so little deliberation that it’s now becoming clear a huge number of “errors and ambiguities” are causing problems for large and small businesses alike.

Republicans also argued voters would reward them come this November for the extra money in their paychecks. This data shows that’s an increasingly unlikely possibility.

Instead of tax cuts for the wealthiest few on the backs of working families, Democrats demand real, bipartisan tax reform that puts the middle class first.

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