American People Aren’t Fooled by the #GOPTaxScam

The American people aren’t fools.  They know a scam when they see one.

A new Gallup poll reveals the GOP tax scam remains overwhelmingly unpopular three months after passage with an approval rating of just  39%Even worse, Morning Consult/POLITICO found a mere 36% approve of the Republican tax bill.

And the ‘benefits’ that were supposed to kick in last month?  The New York Times reported that most middle class Americans actually see the GOP Tax Scam as Trump ‘pulling out jazz hands and shiny stuff up front to screw [them] on the back end’:

“I have seen a little uptick in my paycheck, about what I expected, about 30 bucks,” said Mr. Kazee, who voted twice for President Barack Obama before backing Mr. Trump in the 2016 election. “It felt to me about like where things were 15 years ago.”

His underwhelmed reaction was not what Republicans had in mind.

But the result has hardly been a windfall, economically or politically … And some are convinced that what the tax cut has given them upfront will ultimately fade.


“He’s pulling out jazz hands and shiny stuff up front and will screw us on the back end,” said Brian Barkalow, a worker at Requarth Lumber, where the Wright Brothers once bought wood for their planes.

Several said they were most concerned about the rising cost of health care, and others questioned whether getting more money now would mean paying more later.

As Republicans continue promoting their tax scam that raises taxes on 86 million middle class American families and hands massive giveaways to corporations and the richest few, Democrats are listening to hard-working families across America and continue the fight for real, bipartisan tax reform that puts the middle class first.

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