Pelosi Statement on Securing $42 Million for San Francisco Base Cleanup

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement after the Department of Defense allocated $36 million in additional funding to Hunters Point Naval Shipyard and $6 million in additional funding to Treasure Island as part of the $54 million national increase in base cleanup funding secured in the fiscal year 2018 omnibus funding bill:

“At a critical time for the Hunters Point cleanup, I am proud to have fought in the Congress to secure an additional $36 million in federal funding so that the Navy and Environmental Protection Agency have the resources they need for necessary excavation, resampling and rescanning.

“After 18 months of extensive evaluation by the Navy and EPA, San Franciscans are rightly alarmed with the massive levels of apparent manipulation and falsification of data by the contractor Tetra Tech.  These actions represent a breach of the public trust, and have deep and damaging effects for the project, our community and taxpayers.  The authorities must hold Tetra Tech to account, and utilize every legal avenue to prosecute criminal wrongdoing and to recover the significant cost incurred.

“For those already living on the Shipyard, it is important to remember that the Navy and EPA have confirmed that people who live on, work at and visit the Hunters Point area are safe.  It is vital that federal agencies continue to be open and transparent with the public so they can thoughtfully engage this process and have their voices heard.

“As the Navy, EPA and state regulatory agencies work together to formulate a workplan for rescanning and resampling, my office and I will continue to closely monitor progress.  Public health and safety must always remain our top concern, as we work to ensure the timely cleanup and transfer of parcels to San Francisco so we can generate long-awaited housing and good-paying jobs.”

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