Pelosi Statement on GOP Amendment to Abandon Americans With Pre-Existing Conditions

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on House Republicans’ new TrumpCare amendment to raise costs on Americans with pre-existing conditions, all while exempting the health coverage of Members of Congress and their staffers from the damage:

“TrumpCare means higher costs, less coverage, gutting key protections, a crushing age tax, and stealing from Medicare – and Republicans continue to make it even more cruel and costly for America’s families.

“Gutting essential health benefits and protections for pre-existing conditions will make it all but impossible for millions of Americans fighting illness to afford health coverage.  Under the Republican plan, families will be slammed with brutal premium increases and massive surcharges for the health coverage their loved ones desperately need.  Many would lose access to affordable health coverage entirely, on top of the 24 million hard-working Americans who would already lose insurance under the original TrumpCare language.

“The monstrous immorality of TrumpCare is perfectly encapsulated in House Republicans’ plan to exempt their own health coverage from the damage it will do to everyone else.  If House Republicans are afraid of TrumpCare for themselves, they have no right to force it on hard-working American families.”

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