Pelosi Statement on Omnibus Bill

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on the fiscal year 2017 omnibus legislation:

“From the beginning, Democrats have sought to avert another destructive Republican Government Shutdown, and we have made significant progress improving the omnibus bill.  We have eliminated more than 160 Republican poison pill riders, ranging from undermining a woman’s right to reproductive health to dismantling Dodd-Frank’s vital Wall Street consumer protections.  The omnibus does not fund President Trump’s immoral and unwise border wall or create a cruel new deportation force.

“The omnibus is in sharp contrast to President Trump’s dangerous plans to steal billions from lifesaving medical research, instead increasing funding for the NIH by $2 billion.  Democrats secured more than a billion dollars to deliver permanent health benefits for the thousands of hard-working coal miners and their families who stood to lose it next month.  We secured hundreds of millions of dollars for fighting the opioid epidemic, and restored students’ access to year-round Pell Grants.  The bill also increases funding for wildfire and federal highway emergency relief, and for Puerto Rico’s underfunded Medicaid program.

“Now, the Members of our Caucus will assess the whole package and weigh its equities.  We thank Ranking Member Nita Lowey, our appropriators, their staff and the House and Senate Leadership staff for their commitment.”