Dear Colleague on GOP’s Radical Farm Bill

May 11, 2018


Dear Democratic Colleague,

Next week, House Republicans plan to push forward a partisan, radical Farm Bill that fails America’s farmers and food-insecure families.  House Republicans’ proposal was unanimously rejected by House Agriculture Committee Democrats, led by Ranking Member Collin Peterson.

I am writing to strongly urge all Democratic Members to refrain from offering or cosponsoring amendments, so that we can reject this bad bill and return to the table to craft a balanced, robust Farm Bill.  This bad bill reflects a bad process, in which the GOP leadership cynically rejected a decades-long bipartisan tradition that weds our rural and urban communities together.

The Republican bill America’s farmers at a time of great challenge and economic uncertainty.  Farm prices are plummeting and the self-inflicted damage of Trump’s tariffs is growing more dire. Yet, this bill would kill good-paying rural jobs, cut a gaping hole in the farmer safety net and shift opportunity away from America’s small towns with cuts to vital rural development and energy initiatives.

At the same time, this bill steals food off the tables of millions of children, seniors, veterans, individuals with disabilities, students and working families to pay for the GOP Tax Scam’s massive handouts to corporations and the top one percent.  Every dollar in SNAP for hungry families returns money to farmers, to our economy and to the Treasury, but Republicans are senselessly and cruelly taking a hatchet to this smart, life-saving initiative.

Our Caucus must reject this harmful bill. It is vital that we speak out, including during the floor debate, and stand strong and stand united to improve the lives of the 16 million men and women of agriculture and the nearly 41 million Americans who are food-insecure.

Please colleagues, no amendments. Thank you for your continued leadership to fight to give America’s farmers and working families A Better Deal, with Better Jobs, Better Wages and a Better Future.

best regards,


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