The GOP Health Care Meltdown

In a recent interview with TIME Magazine, President Trump claimed: ‘In a short period of time I understood everything there was to know about health care.’  We beg to differ.  It’s hard to believe this is true with Trumpcare – an attack on hard-working Americans that strips away health coverage from millions while driving up costs.

Salon: Trump says he knows about healthcare, but some of his facts seem alternative

Among the president’s more questionable claims was his description of the House-passed health bill as “You’re going to have absolute coverage.”

The last full estimate from the Congressional Budget Office predicted that a previous version of the bill would result in 24 million fewer people with insurance after 10 years.

The Fiscal Times: Why Trump and the GOP Are Headed for a Health Care Meltdown

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) and President Trump have promised to “save the country” from the high costs and shrinking availability of coverage under the Affordable Care Act. But almost nobody seriously thinks that Republicans can resolve their many differences and pass replacement legislation before the end of the year.

New York Times Editorial: Trumpcare Is Already Hurting Trump Country

[Trump] claims that uncertainty in the insurance industry is evidence that Obamacare is collapsing and needs repeal, not that he and his allies have created the uncertainty. This is disingenuous nonsense. On the whole, insurance markets in much of the country are on stable footing and will remain so if Congress doesn’t do things to undermine Obamacare, according to a March report by the Congressional Budget Office.

What’s bizarre about the Republican strategy is that it is likely to cause the most damage where many of Mr. Trump’s supporters live. Rural and suburban areas are more likely to lose insurers and see big premium increases if Obamacare goes down, because companies have less incentive to stay in markets where there are fewer potential customers and where it is harder to put together networks of hospitals and doctors.

A recent poll from Public Policy Polling found 52 percent of the American public opposes Trumpcare.  So instead of boasting what he knows about health care, President Trump should listen to the American people and work with Democrats to lower costs and improve the current health care system.