Pelosi Remarks at Press Conference to Denounce Massive Cuts in Trump’s Budget

Washington, D.C.  – Today, Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi joined Congresswoman Barbara Lee, House Democrats and a coalition of anti-poverty, labor, civil rights, faith and progressive leaders for a “Hands Off” press conference to denounce the destructive cuts to vital programs expected in President Trump’s budget.  Below is a transcript of the Leader’s remarks:

Leader Pelosi.  “Thank you, [Congresswoman] Barbara Lee, for being a champion – that’s hardly the word, it doesn’t seem to measure up, to the leadership she provides for fairness in our country.  Tianna, thank you for sharing your story. You are the VIP at this reception here.  And I want to thank [Congresswoman] Barbara Lee and Lee Saunders and our other friends in labor who are here.  Lee Saunders just had his birthday, and happy birthday Lee Saunders!

“My theme for the week has been – because I went to my grandchildren’s graduation from high school over the weekend – a theme that I heard there and others here have heard me say on other occasions, ‘to whom much is given much is expected.’  And our country has been given so much.  But Tianna [Gaines Turner] and her family give much to our country as well.  And we cannot allow this document, this immoral document, to deprive Tianna and her children of the future that our founders envisioned for her and for all Americans.

“Their budget, their budget undermines the strength, the possibilities and the future of our country.  Food out of the mouths of babies, housing from seniors and our veterans, Medicaid, which is the strong part of long-term care, whether it’s in a facility or at home.  Long term care, heavily dependent on Medicaid, a middle class benefit that is being undermined by $1.4 trillion, do you understand what I’m saying?  Trillion with a capital ‘TR’ dollar cut.

“All of this to give a tax break to the wealthiest people in our country.  It is shameful, it is immoral, it is indecent and some say it’s, ‘dead on arrival; it won’t see the light of day.’  It is not unlike other budgets the Republicans have put forward in the House.

“The [Paul] Ryan budget, the [Tom] Price budget and the rest: this is a picture of who they are and I wish they weren’t.  I don’t want to sound political but this is a very values-based discussion that we are engaged in.  Let the world see, let the country see, let the people of faith in our country and those who care about our country’s future – who see the biblical power to cure in the National Institute of Health getting $7 billion cut.

“Now everything that I have said means cuts in jobs too, cuts in good-paying jobs, 2 million [jobs] in what they did to repeal the Affordable Care Act, 1.4 million in this bill and counting. So you’re talking about jobs, decency and strength of America.

“Tear this thing up!  Tear this thing up!  Tear up this budget!  And while you do it, keep your hands off our Social Security, our right to choose and all the rest of it.  Thank you [Congresswoman] Barbara Lee, thank you Lee Saunders, thank you Winnie!  Thank you all very much!”

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