Dear Colleague: Anniversary of House Passage of Trumpcare

May 4, 2018

Dear Democratic Colleague,

One year ago today, on May 4, 2017, House Republicans cast their votes for the monstrosity of Trumpcare.  Despite the pleas of families across America, Republicans voted for a bill that would have:

  • Skyrocketed families’ premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs;
  • Pushed more than 23 million hard-working Americans off their coverage;
  • Destroyed key protections for people with pre-existing conditions;
  • Imposed a crushing age tax on Americans age 50-64, increasing out-of-pocket costs for older Americans as much as $12,000;
  • Stolen billions from Medicaid and Medicare.

House Republicans voted to destroy the promise of affordable health care in America.  Fortunately, with the continuing mobilization of the American people sharing their stories to protect the Affordable Care Act, the Senate did not pass the Trumpcare bill.

However, Republicans did enact the GOP tax scam, which will drive up health premiums for families across America.  After adding $2 trillion to the debt with their tax bill, the Trump Budget calls for devastating cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security disability, education, food stamps and more.

The Republican assault on health care is a raw deal for the American people.  Democrats are offering A Better Deal: bold action to drive down the cost of prescription drugs, protect and improve the ACA to expand families’ access to affordable health care, and strengthen Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for all Americans.

Across America, advocates have been speaking up to remind families of House Republicans’ vote to repeal the ACA one year ago.  I urge you to mark this anniversary, and to talk about how the cruelty of Trumpcare would have impacted your constituents.

We can be very proud of our efforts to expand access to affordable health care to all, and of our work to protect Americans’ health security from the callous and misguided attacks of House Republicans and President Trump.

Thank you for your leadership.

best regards,

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