ATTN: Important Quotes to Remember on the Iran Nuclear Agreement

On the eve of President Trump’s decision on the JCPOA, it’s worth taking time to remember a few key things about the agreement.

 500 French, British and German MPs write to their US counterparts to support the JCPOA

“…we were able to impose unprecedented scrutiny on the Iranian nuclear program, dismantle most of their nuclear enrichment facilities, and drastically diminish the danger of a nuclear arms race.”

“Abandoning the deal would diminish the value of any promises or threats made by our countries.”

Haaretz: U.S. Exit From Nuclear Deal Would Help Iran, Former Israeli General Says

“Amos Gilad, the former research chief at Military Intelligence, told Haaretz that a U.S. withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear agreement with the big powers would mainly help Iran.”

“’An American announcement that it’s withdrawing from the agreement would let Iran drive a wedge between the world powers and gradually loosen international oversight over its nuclear program. If the Americans abandon the agreement, they have to prepare for alternatives, and I don’t see this being done.’”

Statement By 26 Senior Israeli Commanders In Favor Of Preserving Iran Nuclear Agreement

“As former military officers and leaders in Israeli security agencies, we believe it is in Israel’s best interest that the United States maintains the nuclear agreement with Iran.”

The consensus among military and intelligence agencies around the world — including Israel’s own defense community — is that the pact is working”            

“American abandonment of the agreement would undermine not just the deal, but Israel’s security as well.”

“Should US abandonment of the agreement lead to the pact’s demise, the consequences for Israeli security could be even more dire.”

New York Times: Ehud Barak, Israeli Hawk and No Friend of Iran, Urges Trump to Keep Nuclear Deal

“Ehud Barak, the former Israeli leader known for his hawkish views on Iran, said it would be a ‘mistake’ for President Trump to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, both because it would play to Iran’s advantage and because it would scuttle any hope of a negotiation with North Korea.”

“’Even if America decides to pull out of it,’ Mr. Barak said in an interview on Tuesday, ‘no one will join — not the Chinese, not the Russians, not even the Europeans. It will serve the Iranians.’”

“While refusing to certify the agreement would be politically satisfying for Mr. Trump, Mr. Barak said, it would also not help the United States in its campaign to curb Iran’s ballistic missile program, its support for terrorist organizations, or its cyberwarfare operations.”

“Iran, he pointed out, is complying with the terms of the agreement.”

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