Pelosi Statement on Implementation of Trump Administration Net Neutrality Repeal

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued this statement as the Trump Administration’s special interest repeal of net neutrality protections went into effect:

“Today, the Trump Administration has set into motion the destruction of the free and open Internet.  Their brazen giveaway to big corporate interests will soon hit consumers and small businesses with higher costs and less choice, threatening young people’s access to the good-paying jobs of the future and jeopardizing the entrepreneurial American spirit that is the envy of the world.

“Americans across the country are raising their voices against the Trump assault on the free Internet, yet House Republicans inexplicably refuse to listen to the will of the people and save net neutrality.  Democrats are fighting in the courts and in the Congress to protect Americans’ interests and restore these vital protections, and we will continue to demand a vote on Congressman Mike Doyle’s resolution to force a vote to restore net neutrality.

“Democrats know that every American deserves access to the power of the Internet.  We are fighting to give the American people A Better Deal than the raw deal Republicans are sticking them with, by ensuring nationwide, competitive broadband options for consumers and small businesses and by expanding our Better Deal for Universal High-Speed Internet to bring broadband to every neighborhood, school and farm.”

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