150 Days: The 115th Republican Congress By the Numbers

150: Days since the start of this Republican Congress as of June 1, 2017

82: Days the GOP House has been in session, 20 of which were pro-forma days in which the House gaveled in & out in a matter of minutes & no legislative business was completed

ZERO: Number of significant legislative achievements during the first five months of a House, Senate, and White House all controlled by Republicans

ZERO: Number of bills to create jobs the House Republican Leadership has brought to the House Floor

ZERO: Number of bills that have been considered under an open rule so far this Congress

Only 35: Number of bills signed into law, including 14 partisan GOP special-interest bills, overturning key Obama-era protections (including special interest gifts to the coal industry, the Gun Lobby, Big Oil and Gas, and Big Telecommunications Corporations); a bipartisan FY 2017 omnibus appropriations bill (which was not completed until 7 months of FY 2017 were already over); and 18 noncontroversial suspensions

195: Number of countries that signed the historic Paris Accord on climate change in 2015, which President Trump has just announced the U.S. will now leave – abdicating American leadership on the critical issue of reducing global warming to save the planet for our children and grandchildren

217: Republicans voted for the disastrous Trumpcare bill, which results in 23 million Americans losing their health insurance coverage, raises out-of-pocket health care costs for millions of American families, imposes a crushing age tax on those ages 50-64, shortens the life of the Medicare Trust Fund, guts the protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and defunds Planned Parenthood for a year

ZERO: Public hearings on the House Republican-backed Trumpcare where lawmakers could hear from outside experts on the implications and consequences of the bill, before it was reported to the House Floor

23 million: Americans would lose health coverage under Trumpcare according to the CBO score issued on May 24 of the House-passed Trumpcare bill, passed by the House back on May 4 without a score

As many as 7 million: Veterans could be blocked from getting tax credits to go toward private health insurance under Trumpcare

5: Times the amount the GOP-backed Trumpcare would force older Americans in the individual market to pay in premiums compared to what younger Americans pay for health coverage

21: Percent cut to NIH research for FY 2018 in President Trump’s budget, which would devastate the search for lifesaving cures and treatments for disease

$1.4 trillion: The amount that the Trump budget (which also incorporates the House-passed Trumpcare bill) slashes the Medicaid program over the next 10 years

47:  The percent by which Medicaid will be cut by the year 2027 below current law under the Trump budget (which also incorporates the House-passed Trumpcare bill)

29: Percent cut to the State Department for FY 2018 in the Trump budget, which will do long-lasting damage to our ability to advance and protect America’s interests in the world

31: Percent cut to the Environmental Protection Agency for FY 2018 in the Trump budget, which will be an assault on clean air, clean water, and a healthy planet

$193 billion: Cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps) over the next 10 years, despite the fact that more than 80 percent of SNAP benefits go to households with children, seniors, or people with disabilities.

$22 billion: Cuts to the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) program in President Trump’s cruel FY18 budget over the next 10 years

ZERO: Amount of funding in President Trump’s budget for the Social Services Block Grant which provides states with funding for services such as child care and adult day care programs

1.6 million: School-age children that would lose after-school and summer programs as a result of the President’s budget
93: Percent of Republicans voted to allow internet service providers to collect and sell Americans’ sensitive personal information without consent

2: Times Republicans blocked a vote to restore Internet privacy protections that prevent Internet service providers from selling Americans’ most intimate personal information, including the location of their children, without their knowledge or consent (2017 Vote #211, 2017 Vote #240)

6: Times Republicans have blocked a vote on a bill to require Presidents and candidates for President to disclose their tax returns – despite the fact that 72 percent of Americans want Presidents to disclose their tax returns (2017 Vote #62, 2017 Vote #103, 2017 Vote #199, 2017 Vote #217, 2017 Vote #224, 2017 Vote #263)

230: Republicans blocked a vote on a resolution to demand answers on the Trump Administration’s sprawling conflicts of interest and gross abuses of public trust

7: Times Republicans have voted to block bringing up a bill to create a bipartisan, independent, outside commission to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election (2017 Vote #26, 2017 Vote #88, 2017 Vote #93, 2017 Vote #115, 2017 Vote #197, 2017 Vote #204, 2017 Vote #259)

100: Percent of Republicans voted against preventing anyone who withholds information from the Congressional investigation of the Russian Government’s interference with the 2016 U.S. presidential election from benefitting from taxpayer resources

130: House Democrats have called for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions for lying under oath to the Senate and the American people about his communications with the Russians during the presidential campaign

Only 2: House Republicans joined 163 House Democrats on a letter urging the chairmen of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Senate Finance Committee to ask for copies of President Trump’s tax returns

233: Republicans voted against an amendment that would hold government officials to a high ethical standard by ensuring they are not exempt from any civil action related to their public service

ZERO: Times Speaker Paul Ryan spoke out in opposition to President Trump’s dangerous and unconstitutional Muslim and Refugee Ban

4: Times House Republicans blocked bringing up a bill to rescind President Trump’s dangerous and unconstitutional Muslim and Refugee Ban; days later 2 GOP-appointed and 2 Democratic-appointed federal judges ruled that enforcement of the ban must stop (Congressional Record H717, 2017 Vote #68, 2017 Vote #70, 2017 Vote #74)

28: House Republicans have signed onto H.R. 140 – an anti-immigrant bill ending birthright citizenship as guaranteed under the Fourteenth Amendment
4: Times Republicans voted for measures attacking women’s health care so far in this Congress, including votes to pass the disastrous Trumpcare bill that attacks women’s health in numerous ways including defunding Planned Parenthood for a year, to place restrictions on how women can spend private dollars in purchasing health insurance, to cut access to the Title X family planning program, and to start the ACA repeal process (2017 Vote #56, 2017 Vote #65, 2017 Vote #99, 2017 Vote #256)

ZERO: Thanks to Democrats, the amount of money in the FY 2017 Omnibus for President Trump’s border wall

ZERO: Thanks to Democrats, the amount of money in the FY 2017 Omnibus for President Trump’s deportation force

More Than 160: Number of GOP ‘poison pill’ policy riders, including those that would have undermined women’s health, environmental protections, and Dodd-Frank protections that were dropped from the FY 2017 Omnibus, thanks to Democrats

99: Percent of Republicans voted to block a vote on a bill to strengthen working families and the economy by ensuring access to paid sick leave

229: Republicans voted to block consideration of the Paycheck Fairness Act, which would help close the gender wage gap, with women on average still earning only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men

229: Republicans voted for a GOP anti-worker bait-and-switch bill that undermines the existing right to hard-earned overtime pay – giving employers the flexibility to substitute overtime pay with comp time, while giving employees no guarantee they can use their comp time when they need it

227: Republicans blocked a vote on a bill to exempt the entire Department of Veterans Affairs from President Trump’s federal hiring freeze

11: House Republicans have cosponsored legislation to eliminate the Department of Education (H.R. 899)

229: Republicans voted to overturn a critical rule to make Brady background checks more effective and efficient, by ensuring the names of those prohibited from having guns under federal law are submitted to the background check system – despite 93 percent of Americans supporting these background checks

230: Republicans voted to overturn key anti-corruption provisions that require disclosure of payments by big oil and gas companies to foreign governments for access to natural resources, provisions strongly opposed by Big Oil and Gas

224: Republicans voted to overturn, at the behest of corporate interests, a key rule to protect the drinking water, health, and environment of the people of Appalachia who live near mountaintop removal mining sites, who have suffered elevated levels of lung cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, hypertension, and birth defects

234: Republicans voted to strike a critical rule to uphold the accountability provisions of the Every Student Succeeds Act, thereby undoing key protections for disadvantaged students

100: Percent of Republicans voted against an amendment that would stop efforts to weaken commonsense rules that limit conflicts of interests between Executive Branch employees

At least 17: White House appointees who have been granted ethics waivers by the Trump Administration allowing them to bypass ethics rules designed to stop conflicts of interest

233: Republicans voted against an amendment requiring Association Health Plans to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment as an essential health benefit even as communities across the nation struggle to combat the opioid epidemic

119: Republicans (a majority) voted in an internal House Conference meeting to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE) before public outrage forced GOP leadership to change course

231: Republicans voted to prohibit agencies from publicly discussing or disclosing any information that could be interpreted as promoting or generating support for any regulatory action by an agency

100: Percent of Republicans that voted to prevent independent agencies from moving forward with safeguards and protections without a stamp of approval from the White House

227: Republicans voted to overturn a critical workplace safety rule that clarified employers have a continuing obligation to record injuries and illness even if they are not always in compliance with OSHA’s recordkeeping requirement

99: Percent of Republicans voted against an amendment to protect Americans’ public health by prohibiting members of the EPA’s Science Advisory Board from being employed by any corporation or company that has an interest before the Board