Pelosi Statement on One Year Since President Trump Withdrew from the Paris Climate Agreement

San Francisco – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi issued the following statement one year after President Trump pulled out of the landmark, 195-signatory Paris Climate Accord:

“The landmark Paris Climate Accord defined our collective responsibility to ensure future generations inherit a world that is clean, healthy and sustainable.  One year ago, President Trump turned his back on scientific fact and endangered the future for our children and grandchildren when he withdrew the U.S. from this historic agreement.

“Rather than working with the rest of the world to develop strategies to address the growing climate crisis, the Trump Administration is perpetuating an unprecedented culture of corruption, cronyism and abuse that betrays our values and our environment to support their special interest friends’ dirty energy agenda.  Republicans in Congress have abdicated their Constitutional duty and refuse to hold the Administration accountable, instead aiding the White House in its efforts to sell off our health and safety to the highest bidder.

“An overwhelming majority of Americans believe in taking strong action to protect our climate, our communities and our future generations with the Paris Climate Agreement.  Democrats will continue to demand accountability from the Trump Administration while we work with cities, states and our allies to protect and preserve our environment, and invest in the good-paying, clean energy jobs of the future.”

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