Pelosi Statement on Trump’s Apprenticeship Initiative

Washington, D.C. – Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement on President Trump’s Workforce Development Week announcement that would effectively eliminate all oversight of federal apprenticeship programs:

“Almost five months into the Trump Administration, the American people still have not seen Republicans put forward a single concrete legislative proposal to create more good-paying jobs and raise wages for hard-working Americans.

“Increasing access to high-quality, accountable apprenticeship programs should be a priority.  Instead, President Trump has put forward a disastrous plan that offers a handout to employers that pay poor wages, freely discriminate and ignore worker safety protections, while providing zero oversight on how taxpayer dollars are spent.  Sadly, this initiative will only compound the damage the President’s budget proposal will do to workers by gutting job training programs for young, dislocated and mid-career workers, slashing career and technical education programs and eviscerating the Department of Education.

“House Democrats believe we must take bold action to ensure all people have access to good-paying jobs, everywhere in America.  That’s why we are fighting to prevent wage theft, raise the minimum wage for 41 million Americans, expand access to overtime pay and increase college access, affordability and completion.  Students and workers should have access to apprenticeship programs, but they should not be left to the mercy of predatory employers and corporate interests.”